Why Most New Companies Fail

Why Most New Companies Fail

Bestselling author Diana Kander describes common mistakes that can derail a new business.

National Novel Writing Month

National Novel Writing Month

Can you write 50,000 words in one month?

Storytelling Celebration

Storytelling Celebration

Sit on the edge of your seat as you are led into new worlds through words and stories.

Freegal Streaming

Freegal Streaming

Download or stream the music you want!


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Do You Like Scary Movies?

Of course you do! Who doesn't like scary movies? (Actually, a lot of people don't like scary movies. If you are one of those people, you should probably stop reading this post.) Whether you like murderous psychopaths, evil spirits, or classic zombies, you can get your frightening fix for free with IndieFlix and Freegal Movies

Anatomy of a Misfit is Fall's Big Library Read!

Mid-Continent Public Library is taking part in OverDrive's fifth Big Library Read event, and we hope you'll consider participating. If you're unfamiliar, Big Library Read is like a global book club where libraries promote a single eBook, and everyone with a library card has immediate access to the same title. No waitlist, no holds!

Do You Notice Anything Different?

You might have noticed something different when you came to our site today. Did you see it?

We have updated the menu across the top of the site. Some of it will look familiar – the color scheme has not changed, and neither have most of the terms you’ll see used in the new menu, such as Catalog; Books, Movies, Music; Events; Kids; Teens; and About Us. Now on to what has changed and why.

Dropdown Menu Capability 

Library-By-Mail for the Homebound

Have you heard about Library-By-Mail for the Homebound? It's a free service that delivers library material straight to your door, and at no cost to you. This service is only available to qualifying residents of our three-county service area who can’t get to one of our branches because they are either temporarily or permanently homebound due to illness, disability, advanced age, or injury.

Now That's What I Call FREE Music!

Sixteen years ago, Now That’s What I Call Music! released its first U.S. album with popular 90s artists like Janet Jackson, the Backstreet Boys, Radiohead, and Lenny Kravitz. Since then, they’ve been releasing several albums every year, letting you know what is the most popular music at the time.

RFID Conversion

The following branches will be closed for RFID conversion:

October 27 - November 2
Blue Ridge
Excelsior Springs

November 2-11
North Independence

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